To date, according to various estimates, there are accumulated liquid and solid radioactive waste (RW) with a total activity of 3*1020 Bq (excluding spent nuclear fuel) at Russian facilities for the use of nuclear energy, and their number is constantly increasing as new ones are commissioned and decommissioned completing the operation of existing facilities. Radioactive waste is a special kind of waste comprising materials (in any aggregate state), concerning it has been defined that neither today nor in the future are expected to use them.


Accumulated RWs at nuclear power facilities are stored in special storage facilities. The main task of scientists, designers and designers, including the company "METR", is to create of new technologies that minimize the volume of buried RAW. However, it should be noted that the opportunities for improving the RW handing technologies and processes are strictly limited to certain federal laws, norms and rules, in accordance with which radiation and technical security are unconditional priority over economic indicators. From 2000, Company METR LLC occupies notable place in the world market of rendering services for RW processing and preparation to safe disposal. Over the past period, METR LLC specialists have developed and found practical application of number of technologies that meet the requirements of Russian and international regulatory documents that ensure the full life cycle of RW, from their formation to the placement of processed and packaged RWr in temporary storage facilities prior to shipment to regional burial sites.


Currently, METR LLC specialists are considering the application of new Russian Corebrick technology for LRW processing, which enables to significantly reduce the final volume of processed LRW. All technologies developed by METR LCC are relevant and can be used for any domestic and foreign nuclear energy facility that are in operation or decommissioned with their adaptation to specific conditions.