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JOINT STOCK COMPANY "METR" - Management. Engineering Technology. Research
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Сфера интересов компании распространяется на атомную и традиционную энергетику, опреснение воды, переработку радиоактивных отходов АЭС и другие области

     JOINT STOCK COMPANY «METR» («Management. Engineering Technology. Research») – JSC «METR», founded in 1992, is an engineering company on project management in the field of engineering technology and research. The spectrum of the company interests extends to both nuclear and traditional power engineering, desalination, NPP radioactive waste processing and other areas in which our highly skilled experts can apply the cumulative professional expertise.

     Joint Stock Company «METR» has the long-term sustainable partnership with the leading Russian and foreign companies working in the energy market. Our company is recommended by the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation and, since 2002, is an integrated contractor in Russia for implementation of the work by the Russian companies on decommissioning of the BN-350 fast nuclear reactor (Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktau-city).

     JSC «METR» is the leader of the Consortium established to deal with major objectives in different areas of nuclear engineering and RW handling (OJSC «LI «VNIPIET» (St. Petersburg), SUE MosSIF «RADON» (Moscow), JSC «RAOTEX» (Moscow), JSC «Alyans-Gamma» (Moscow) and BAYCONA GmbH BauConsult und Auβenhandel (Germany) are members of the Consortium). Our close cooperation with partners in the development and introduction of new competitive technologies and equipment enables us to implement joint projects of high complicity. Over the years of our cooperation dozens of projects have been successfully accomplished both in Russia and Kazakhstan, many of which are unique engineering designs in their fields, such as projects on the development of «The Complex for Liquid Radioactive Waste Processing», «The Complex for Solid Radioactive Waste Processing», «Project on High-Active Waste Handling» for BN-350 nuclear reactor decommissioning.

JSC «METR» is a member of the СОВNЕТ Russian Project Management Association; the JSC «METR» Quality Management System covering Project Management in the field of Engineering Technology and Research, is licensed for GOST R ISO 9001-2008 adequacy.

     In the course of the key objectives implementation the major Company’s concern remains the personnel with their expertise and creative potential. We strive to provide high quality of life, comfortable environment conditions and sense of confidence in the future for our staff.

     Our business partners can always expect on getting our products/services of high quality and faultless compliance with our commitments. Our aspiration is to create the image of our company so that each of our partners could know exactly that is worth to deal with JSC «METR».

     Our priorities are financial stability, long-term reliable partner cooperation and straight dealing.

     All above is the guarantee of further dynamic progress of the Company, successful implementation of new projects both in Russia and abroad.

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